In Egypt c. 3000 BC, honey was considered such an essential substance that in every marriage ceremony the bridegroom had to promise to supply the bride with a specific amount of honey each year.

During an ancient Hindu wedding ceremony, the offering of honey was also an important part. The bridegroom kissed the bride and said: “This is honey, the speech of my tongue is honey, the honey of the bee is dwelling in my mouth and in my teeth dwells peace.”

Throughout history, in almost every culture—right down to the word “honeymoon”—honey has been an important part of ceremonies of love.

Here are some ways Urban Bee can help your day be the most special:

Honey: Single-origin and sustainably harvested in small batches, our honey is exactly as the bees made it in backyards, small farms and urban wild spaces. We can supply small jars for your guests or wedding party — even with custom labels! The standard hexagonal sampler jars hold 2 ounces of honey; prices start at $3.75 per jar.

Seeds: We offer a pollinator-friendly wildflower seed mix of 16 species, sourced from the Pacific Northwest. One ounce ($10) covers 300 square feet; we can create custom packaging for you.

Hive visit: This brings a whole new meaning to the words “bridal veil.” Everyone in your wedding party will wear one at this private visit to a beehive. We will talk about the history of honey in culture and weddings, and teach you a bit about bees too! Honey provided as a nice take-home gift. Suited for parties of 8-10; prices start at $500. Bring your photographer!

Contact Us: We support everyone’s right to marry and will gladly work with you and your bee-loved to make your day as meaningful and memorable as possible. Drop us a line today!

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