Other Hive Products

A lot can happen with honey and wax, the things we gratefully harvest from the hive.  Either or both can be used in salve, balm, lotion, candles, waxed cloth or paper, syrup, shrubs, liqueurs, and more. We chose to keep it simple — with our beeswax we developed an all-purpose, premium salve for our gardener friends. See below for product and ordering info, and let us know if you have a need for any other hive-based products!


Urban Bee Company’s Salve begins with organic, raw jojoba oil. Pressed from seeds of the jojoba plant—a North American desert shrub—jojoba “oil” is actually a wax ester that approximates our skin’s own sebum, making it ideal for moisturizing. Jojoba also fights bacteria and inflammation and is naturally non-comedogenic. Jojoba makes this a premium product — most other salves use lesser oils in greater quantities!

To the jojoba we add an infusion of organic lavender flowers in an organic olive oil base. Lavender has been used traditionally to calm the nervous system, soothe irritated skin, and improve emotional well-being. Recent studies show colicky babies calm down after abdominal massage with lavender oil, and that lavender aroma improves emotional states and brain functions in adults too.

This is all melted together with beeswax harvested from our own hives. Beeswax provides a layer of protection, while allowing the skin to breathe. It acts as an emollient and a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and sealing it in.

Some uses:

  • Soothe rough hands of gardeners and other workers
  • Moisturize dry skin
  • Massage for a tired child or adult
  • Reduce healing time of a scrape, wound, or burn
  • Calm a rash
  • Calm colicky babies (with abdominal massage)
  • Rub onto neck and shoulders for support during tension and stress
  • Use as a mild insect repellant
  • Soften cuticles
  • Soothe dry or cracked lips

Cost: $7 plus shipping ($2.50 United States, $1 for limited bike delivery) and 9.5% WA sales tax. Contact us to place an order. The salve is also available at our retail outlets!