Local and Natural

To make one pound of honey, bees must collect nectar from two million flower blossoms.

We try to respect this incredible amount of work by keeping our hives free of any chemicals, antibiotics, high fructose corn syrup or even plastic. All our hives are kept in multifloral backyards, parks, community gardens and urban wild spaces in and around the city of Seattle. We have no commercial production fields and we don’t move our bees to chase a crop.

We extract the honey by hand and bottle it in micro-batches according to the neighborhood where it was created by the bees. We don’t heat or filter our honey: it’s completely raw and natural, and comes to you with all the mouth-watering lusciousness that the bees themselves enjoy.

Want some? Honey is available in Seattle (like us and the bees), via three options:

We’re also happy to note our jar return service: our prices include a jar deposit of 50 cents, which is refundable from us and all of our retailers with the return of your clean jar. We sterilize the jar and re-use it, keeping it out of the waste stream entirely!

If you’re looking for honey mail-order, sorry — right now we are able to distribute all of it locally, which is important to our core mission and values. For honey outside of Seattle, your best bet is to support a beekeeper near you.