Healthy bees. Resilient communities.

Founded in 2009, Urban Bee Company cultivates healthy environments for bees and humans. We look to the hive as both inspiration and hub: for care of the earth; for dynamic art, culture, and education; and for a delicious harvest to share.

With small-scale apiaries, hyper-local honeybicycle delivery, Permaculture bee gardens and more, we are working to grow healthy bees and resilient communities in the Pacific Northwest.

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2018 sales update

We are sold out of bees for 2018!

We do have a selection of boxes, frames, and other supplies for your beekeeping needs!

Please see our online store for details.

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Looking to host bees?

Thanks for your interest; our application process for 2018 is now closed. If you want to receive notice about 2019 hosting, please sign up for the mailing list (see sidebar); you can also drop us a line with any specific questions. Thanks!

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