Permaculture Bee Gardens

Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk out your front door and harvest your breakfast from your front walk? Or if, on your lunch break, you could walk through the garden, picking fruits and nuts and a fresh salad?

Having plentiful fresh sustenance close at hand is smart for people and smart for bees. And it’s no coincidence that these two things go together. That’s why we’re working with Jacqueline Cramer (Design Collaborators), Jake Harris (Stone Soup Gardens), and Jenny Pell (Permacultue Now) to offer design and installation of Permaculture Bee Gardens.

Imagine your property as a self-supporting ecosystem, with soil-enriching plants, nectar-rich flowers, and pollinators working in season, staying healthy and generating fruits and vegetables for you too. That’s Permaculture — a way of gardening (and farming, and living), which prioritizes care for the earth, care for the people on it, and sharing of the surplus generated.

Our team will do a site visit, design your garden, build it, plant it, and install and manage the bees too. Prices start at $500. Drop us a line to learn more.