What to Plant

Inspirational Organizations

  • Growing Power: visionary food action organization and urban farm in Minneapolis, founded by Will Allen
  • Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation: pre-eminent organization that has been protecting pollinators and managing habitat worldwide for 40 years.
  • Pollinator Partnership: national (US) advocate for pollinators. Lots of information and news on their site.
  • Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center: If you like flowers, you will like this organization, focused on native wildflowers, plants, and landscapes in the U.S.
  • City Repair: based in Portland, City Repair does “placemaking” — educating and inspiring communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live.
  • College of the Melissae: a “Center for Sacred Beekeeping” based in Ashland, OR, the College offers a “community-centered hands-on approach to beekeeping science, art, craft, culture and ceremony.”

Food and Nature Blogs

  • Gary Nabhan:  Internationally-celebrated nature writer, food and farming activist, and proponent of conserving the links between biodiversity and cultural diversity.
  • Food Politics: Marion Nestle’s terrific blog on, yep, food politics.
  • Myrmecos: Alex Wild on insects, science, and photography.
  • Crunchy Chicken: Deanna Duke’s amusing and informative urban homesteading blog from Seattle, USA
  • The Long Now: when we are glum, this site — from an organization founded by Stewart Brand — helps pick us up by taking the long view of changes on the planet.

Notable Beekeeping Sites

  • Bush Bees: Michael Bush, from Nebraska, writes about beekeeping with an emphasis on doing things smarter and simpler.
  • Honey Bee Suite: Informative and personable beekeeping blog from the Pacific Northwest written by Rusty Berlew. The blog is chock-full of information, opinions, comments, how-to’s, and photos.
  • Melissa Garden: located at the ranch of psychotherapist, painter, and beekeeper Barbara Schlumberger, the Melissa Garden was founded as a honey bee sanctuary and is rooted in mystical and spiritual traditions.
  • Gaia Bees: From Sonoma County, California, Michael Theile is a gentle-spirit beekeeper and builder of hives and “landscape apiariums.”
  • Kirk Webster: Beekeeper from Vermont who does treatment-free beekeeping and writes with candor and generosity.

Pollinator Projects

  • Pollinator Pathway: Sarah Bergman has created a mile-long corridor for native pollinators in Seattle.
  • Urban Pollination Project: This “Citizen Science” project from the University of Washington helps document the population and productivity of bumble bees in Seattle.
  • Native Buzz: from Florida, this is another “Citizen Science” project helps you build native bee habitat and contribute to a nationwide map and database.

Mason Bee Supply

  • Crown Bees: Based in Seattle, Dave Hunter knows all about raising mason bees and other native pollinators, and supplies bees and other equipment nationwide.
  • Missy Anderson: Based near Seattle, Missy rents and sells mason bees and mason bee nests to area residents.

Swarms and Insect Removal – Seattle Area

  • Dan the Bee Man collects stinging insects of all kinds, without using poison: Greater Seattle and select East Side neighborhoods.
  • Marvin from Jerry the Bee Guy collects all stinging insects without using poison, in the city of Seattle.
  • Nathan Rausch from Pleased Bees collects bees and other stinging insects without using poisons, in south and southeast Seattle.