Community Programs

Urban Bee Company gets active in our neighborhood, region, and in the global community too. Here are some of our programs:


Nicaraguan Honey Harvest

We have recently partnered with CECOSEMAC, a Fair Trade, organic coffee-producing cooperative in the mountains of Nicaragua, to create Amigos Apicultores — a program to support their efforts to repair a defunct apiary and to outfit and train local beekeepers there.

Although coffee plants are self-pollinating, they can set twice as much fruit — and produce twice as many beans — if bees pollinate them. Keeping bees also helps the co-op generate the additional cash crop of honey, which makes their business more sound and sustainable.

Through Amigos Apicultores we will help set up the new apiary with essential tools, processing equipment, and education. With this support the Co-op will be able to fund the rest of their honey operation, while making the coffee side more productive too — with all the profits being reinvested in the local community.

If you are interested supporting this program as a corporate or individual sponsor, please contact us!

Community Garden Apiaries

Alleycat MLK

Hives at Alleycat Acres Urban Farm

Forget the water cooler, the beehive is really the place where it all happens: stories of gardening adventures, where the feral swarms might be, and what happened over the weekend (Mariners won?!). Urban Bee Company places our hives in public gardens at no charge. That way we get to pollinate crops for the direct public good and also collaborate with awesome “partners in grime.”

At these community garden hives, we offer free classes for youth and host learning opporunities for the project’s volunteers. We learn plenty ourselves too — The Beacon Food Forest was our introduction to Permaculture and we’re picking up tips on Biochar from the Alleycat Acres folks. Our partners at GroundUp Organics have taught us a thing or two about how teenagers see bees (and potato chips!).

If you a have a community garden project or opportunity that needs a hive for pollination and conversation, drop us a line!