Saving the Bees

People talk a lot about “saving the bees” and while the cliché can wear thin without a better embrace of its implications, it’s exactly what we do need, because it also means “saving the humans.” It means changing the way we think about our food system, about how we distribute resources around the planet, and how we use Nature’s generous workforce of pollinators.

Urban Bee Company is part of a new movement of small businesses addressing these issues, identifying a paradigm that benefits the social good as well as contributes to a vibrant economy. To see returns as greater than the number of jars of honey we can squeeze from the bees, we need other visionaries to look at investment and support as long-term propositions. In this way we will save the bees and take care of our own future.

We invite you to buy in, literally, to this idea in two ways:

Sponsor a Hive

These hives are placed in community gardens, with lots of pollinator forage and community educational opportunities. These hives are community hubs, and your support helps make them possible! Here’s how it works.

  • You’ll pay for placement and operational hard costs for a hive for one year. See our Price List for current rates.
  • You’ll get 1- 4 lbs of honey, from your hive if it yields a surplus.
  • You’ll be invited to a Field Session at the hive you have sponsored.
  • You’ll also be invited to our members-only harvest party at the end of the year.
  • Please contact us with any questions or to get on board for this year.

Sponsor a Beekeeper

We have recently partnered with CECOSEMAC, a Fair Trade, organic coffee-producing cooperative in the mountains of Nicaragua, to create Amigos Apicultores — a program to support their efforts to repair a defunct apiary and to outfit and train local beekeepers there.

The fact that the bees are Africanized and extremely agressive means that professional beekeeping equipment makes all the difference in handling the colonies. Right now CECOSEMAC has 14 hives and are working towards 100.

We are attempting to outfit the Nicaraguan beekeepers with protective clothing, smokers, some essential apiary tools, some vastly upgraded honey extraction equipment, and some educational support. Colleagues in the global health community on periodic public health trips are making sure the equipment reaches the Co-op’s beekeepers. If you are interested in sponsoring a beekeeper for this program by contributing any amount, please contact us!