Bee a Partner

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Urban Bee Company & Alleycat Acres, Central District

Are you looking to expand your experience, and earn a little extra cash this year? Join our Urban Bee Team and become part of one of the most progressive beekeeping outfits around.

If you have successfully overwintered bees, can follow natural beekeeping practices, are good with people and want to take the next steps in your beekeeping journey, then drop us a line.

We offer flat rates for tending our hosted sites, or partnership opportunities for sites you manage. We can assist with your beekeeping and honey production needs, give you a good price for your honey, share discounts on bees, queens, woodenware, and more. As a partner you would be covered by our liability insurance, and could also participate in our community outreach and education program.

Meanwhile, you can help us: we need honey suppliers, public advocates, teachers, speakers and collaborators. As a Bee Team-er you will participate in our efforts to support healthy bees and zero-waste distribution, establish community hivesincrease forage and do innovative programs.

To learn more, drop us a line — let’s build community through the hive!