Pollinators, including honey bees, pollinate 75% of the flowering plants on the planet, and one third of food directly consumed by humans.

Since bees have been sick and dying in unprecedented numbers, all of this bounty—the whole food chain—is in peril. What can we do?

Keep bees healthy. Plant good forage. Educate people.

Urban Bee Company was created to do just that. While our daily practice is focused on colonies of small insects, at the same time we look to the big pictures of creating a better food system, creating better models of commerce, and finding ways for people to meet their neighbors (not coincidentally, all these things go together). The bees continue to be fabulous teachers.

You can be part of it by hosting hiveskeeping bees, planting a pollinator garden, and supporting our work. Thanks for your interest in bees and in Urban Bee Company!