We’re hiring!


Urban Bee Company seeks a skilled, motivated beekeeper who wants to be part of one of the most environmentally-conscious beekeeping organizations in the region. See below; reply to drone -at- urbanbee -dot- com with any questions. Please note: our offices are in Seattle, Capitol Hill neighborhood.

POSTED:     October 15, 2014

CLOSES:     November 7, 2014

INQUIRE:     To Bob Redmond, Proprietor. drone -at- urbanbee -dot- com

INCLUDE:     Cover letter and resume


  • Manage woodenware inventory (Langstroth), including sourcing, building, repairing and cleaning hive parts, and keeping shop in order
  • Assist identifying apiary sites and building physical infrastructure
  • Manage selected beehives and apiaries, including occasional transport of hives
  • Assist with honey harvest including extracting, bottling, processing wax
  • Assist with delivery (may be via bicycle)
  • Assist with native bee surveys
  • Other duties as assigned and qualified: may include community partnerships, staffing events, teaching classes, and/or posting blogs


  • Beekeeping experience, 3 years minimum, with successful chemical-free approaches such as drone brood trapping and summer splitting.
  • Organized, self-managing, takes pride and ownership in work, able to work fast and mistake-free. Detail oriented and capable of recording and tracking myriad info with the hives.
  • Light carpentry
  • Customer relations
  • Food service experience a plus; cleanliness a necessity
  • Computer savvy, WordPress a plus
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Community engaged with knowledge and experience of local organizations and farms
  • Landscape, Plant I.D., Native Pollinator knowledge and other agricultural experience is desirable
  • Bee-friendly vehicle is a necessity; a truck is a plus


  • $15/hour DOE, straight time
  • Average of 15-20 hours/week, variable given seasonal peaks and lulls, also requires some schedule flexibility due to weather
  • Travel allowance negotiable, no health insurance or retirement benefits at this time

2 thoughts on “We’re hiring!

  1. hello, my name is emanuele:
    I read on your site that you are looking for a apicoltore.sono Italian and ‘live in the south of Italy, practical beekeeping from 6 years or so, I have 40 beehives, producing honey and pollen.
    I’d do a aesperienza in your country, do not know a lot about your language, but I’m learning and I am very determined and aperto..sarei very happy to come to your country and to undertake this activity
    greeting EMANUELE

  2. Hei, I’m from Romania. I have a tourist visa and I’m planing to come in Seattle this summer. I have worked for the last 3 years here(home) with bees. I’m not familiar with the u.s. thechnologies or the way they do things in apiary, but I’m a fast learner and I love bees. Notice me if I could be what u need. Thx!