Think Global, Act ÜbrLocal

ubrlocal-300x300We are happy to announce that Urban Bee Company is the first producer for the new venture ÜbrLocal! Besides our honey, ÜbrLocal also carries a variety of other good stuff: vegetable starts, organic jam, and low-glycemic granola, to name a few.

Founded by students from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, the start-up intends to create a new distribution system for local food. Make that “ÜbrLocal” food — that’s food from within ten miles of the buyer. ÜbrLocal sources from producers near their markets, offers online ordering, and regular pick-up at the venues.

Our honey, salve, and seed are available for purchase online, and pickup in Pioneer Square and Wallingford. Details are here.

ÜbrLocal is looking for more locations for their pretty neat line-up of local goods, so if you want them (and that means us too!) in your neighborhood, drop them a line!

Good press for the new kids on the block:

And an interview with Urban Bee Company: “Beehives Are the New Water Cooler!

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