Telling the Bees

Urban Bee Co. founder Bob Redmond gave this slideshow talk in February at the Neptune Theater as part of the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture‘s “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats” programming. Each speaker submitted a timed slideshow to which they then gave live remarks. It was a thrill to present with so many terrific people, and support the Burke Museum.

Here’s the short talk, recently posted online (thanks Burke!) It is called “Telling the Bees: How Bees Went from Gods to Slaves.” See all the talks via the link.

(The Burke’s excellent exhibit runs through June 10, 2012! Details here.)

Bee talk!

We’re thrilled and a little nervous to be presenting tonight at the Neptune Theater, for the Burke Museum and STG’s event “Short Takes: What the World Eats.” Ten very short talks and slideshows will range from NW coastal native foods to dumpster diving to women farmers in the developing world. And bees. (This painting from Breugel, “The Beekeepers,” is from 1567 and will be part of our talk.) Maybe see you there!