Book Clubbing! And you?

bee books!We are pleased to announce the inauguration of our Urban Bee Book Club with this very post. Here’s how it works:

1) You nominate books; we pick one.

2) We all read it.

3) After a couple months, conversation ensues: post your review online, make comments, answer other comments. For you Seattle folks we will also go to a local coffeehouse and chew the fat (I guess it should be honey eh?).

4) Do it again!

Any avid readers out there? What book is on your list? Think broad… we are interested in books on beekeeping, of course, but also on the history of bees, alternative pollinators, urban gardening, urban farming, the food system, the history of Agriculture. On our short list are:

What about you? What book should kick off the UBBC?