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    2018 sales update

    We are sold out of bees for 2018! We do have a selection of boxes, frames, and other supplies for your beekeeping needs! Please see our online store for details. •     •     • Looking to host bees? … Continue reading

    2017 nucs and packages

    We are accepting orders for 3-lb package bees until 5 pm on Friday March 31st. Nucs are currently sold out. Packages are $135, plus WA State sales tax. They will be available for pick up on Sunday, April 2nd. Please see our … Continue reading

    Honey Bee Nucs ready 3/26/16

    BEES FOR SALE Urban Bee Company is offering a limited number of 5-frame nucleus colonies for sale. The bees are scheduled to be ready for pick up at our Capitol Hill location in Seattle on Saturday March 26. UPDATE 3/25: … Continue reading

    Apprentice Spots Open

    We are now accepting apprentice applications for the 2016 beekeeping season. Applications are due March 31, 2016 (unless spots are filled earlier!). Details here!

    Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

    We’ve been quiet, but not idle. Whether it was wrapping up field surveys of wild bees, participating in the fall conferences, or building our web store (soon to launch), it was a busy end to last year. Then 2015 started incredibly … Continue reading

    We’re hiring!

    OPERATIONS MANAGER Urban Bee Company seeks a skilled, motivated beekeeper who wants to be part of one of the most environmentally-conscious beekeeping organizations in the region. See below; reply to drone -at- urbanbee -dot- com with any questions. Please note: our offices are … Continue reading

    Support Farmers, Get Honey

    Seattle’s Urban Bee Company is offering an end-of-year special that will be a gift to grassroots farmers. The backstory: Since 2010, Urban Bee Company has been Certified Naturally Grown. The alternative to organic, CNG certifies and promotes clean, sustainable food production without the high … Continue reading

    Airport slates 50 acres to Flight Path project

    Two years ago, we approached Sea-Tac airport — the nation’s 15th busiest airport — about putting some beehives on their property. And doing an art exhibit inside the terminal. And turning some of the scrub land currently ridden with invasive … Continue reading

    Bee Talk, Marion Nestle, Bee Class, Ron Finley, yeah!

    We know: we keep using exclamation points on our posts, but come on, look at all the bounty! Hope to see you at one of these events in the next two weeks! First, Friday June 14: Bob from Urban Bee … Continue reading

    Think Global, Act ÜbrLocal

    We are happy to announce that Urban Bee Company is the first producer for the new venture ÜbrLocal! Besides our honey, ÜbrLocal also carries a variety of other good stuff: vegetable starts, organic jam, and low-glycemic granola, to name a … Continue reading

    New Bee Movie at SIFF

    We are proud to support the presentation of the new documentary MORE THAN HONEY at this year’s Seattle International Film Festival. Featuring breathtaking cinemetography, MORE THAN HONEY updates our understanding of Colony Collapse Disorder — the syndrome destroying the commercial honeybee … Continue reading

    Wallingford Art Walk

    The Wallingford Art Walk (tonight, May 8!) features the work of Mikael Béland of the eponymous Béland Photo Media. Mikael has generously offered to donate proceeds from the sale of work to Urban Bee Company’s community programs: we’ll use it … Continue reading

    Go Ride a Bike!

    Two fabulous bicycle events going on this weekend and next, both of which we are proud to be sponsoring: MAY 4, SATURDAY Streets & Beets: benefit ride for Alleycat Acres, Seattle’s urban farm collective — also a location for our … Continue reading

    Book Clubbing! And you?

    We are pleased to announce the inauguration of our Urban Bee Book Club with this very post. Here’s how it works: 1) You nominate books; we pick one. 2) We all read it. 3) After a couple months, conversation ensues: … Continue reading

    Bike Merchant Fair this Weekend!

    The second annual Pedaler’s Fair, featuring handcrafted bicycle frames, touring bags, smart clothing for city riders, and all kinds of artwork inspired by a passion for the bicycle. We’ll be there all day Sunday (April 21), with honey, yum! Come down … Continue reading

    Our Seed Mix Is In!

    Our Urban Pollinator Conservation Seed Mix is in! Recommended by the Xerces Society for Pollinator Conservation, this mix is specially designed to provide foraging resources for a diversity of pollinators. It includes sixteen wildflower species that provide sources of nectar and … Continue reading

    Busy Bee

    What, it’s already September? Yes… and gorgeous here in Seattle as summer wanes, with a hint of fall in the crisp morning air. We’ve been busy with a new baybee and the day job, plus bicycle-delivering to our CSA subscribers, prepping … Continue reading

    City of Roses, City of Bees

    A couple readers have inquired about beekeeping resources in Portland, Oregon. And despite Seattle Magazine’s Portlandia vs. Seattle throwdown (it even featured our own—and very real—bicycle honey delivery vs. Portlandia’s fictional bicycle moving company), we figured there have to be … Continue reading

    Farm Bill Update

    The new, five-year Farm Bill has finally emerged from Congress, and it’s a last chance to put in your two cents. What is the Farm Bill? The Farm Bill is one of the single most destructive pieces of legislation in … Continue reading

    Telling the Bees

    Urban Bee Co. founder Bob Redmond gave this slideshow talk in February at the Neptune Theater as part of the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture‘s “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats” programming. Each speaker submitted a timed slideshow … Continue reading

    Take that, Portlandia!

    Seattle Magazine has some nice things to say about reality in our town vs. fiction in that burg to the south. Specifically, they give props to the honey-by-bike!  To ride the point home, perhaps we should have carried a load … Continue reading

    We ♥ Mason Bees

    Orchard mason bees, also known as blue orchard bees, are prodigious pollinators, native to the Pacific Northwest. Smaller than honey bees, mason bees are solitary bees that don’t generate honey. Having no large stores to defend, they rarely sting. They nest in … Continue reading

    Thoughts on Colony Collapse

    Last week’s article in CNN Money provides a misleading view of the urgent agricultural crisis facing the globe. The article provides a smattering of facts about Colony Collapse disorder, and minimizes them by saying that food prices have remained the same, … Continue reading

    Bee talk!

    We’re thrilled and a little nervous to be presenting tonight at the Neptune Theater, for the Burke Museum and STG’s event “Short Takes: What the World Eats.” Ten very short talks and slideshows will range from NW coastal native foods … Continue reading

    Sounds of Yesler Terrace

    Martha Baskin’s Green Acre Radio describes some of the goings-on at Yesler Terrace’s community gardens, where we installed some of our bees last year. The program interviews the Mel Cloyd* from the Clean Genes program and Karen Toering from GroundUp … Continue reading

    Hello Earth

    Why, hello there. This is our very first post in the synthetic web of the world. Thanks to design guru Shaun Swick for creating the site, and to Dan Smith for the artwork. And thanks to you, too, for visiting! We look … Continue reading