We are so very happy to have the bees! I can’t tell you how thrilled my garden and I are!
—Stephanie, hive host

We are having SO much fun watching the bees! And the hive looks so great.
—Sara, hive host

The first thing I tried was the syrup. It’s incredibly delicious. And the honey is perfect! Thick, dark, and tasty without being overly heavy. It’s so fun to have Beacon Hill honey. What a nice treat having those beeswax candles and all the other gifts. You put together a great package. I am happy to be part of your CSA.
—Alice, CSA Subscriber

We love it so much we run out it and eagerly await each delivery!

The honey is delicious.  I’m eating it by the spoonfuls like candy.  Probably not recommended, but hey.

Thanks for bee-ing so fascinating! The youth really got focused and learned a lot!
—Laura Bernstein, Alleycat Acres (after a teach-in to high-schoolers)

Thank you for the wonderful presentation and all the hands-on materials. Our class had lots of discussion after your visit. Long live the bees!
—Cindy Jordan, instructor, Brightwater School Grade 2

My friends came over tonight for dinner and they were amazed at the honey. They said it was the best honey they ever tasted. Luckily I didn’t put the jar on the table until after we ate, because that was the end of all other food. We had honey from the jar, honey mixed in water and honey over ice cream. Awesome and looking forward to tasting the next batch!
—Anne, honey customer

Just sampled my first spoonful. AMAZING. I had no idea the flavors of honey could be this varied and lively. An absolute delight.
—Kurt, honey customer

Bob! David and I ran inside to try the honey immediately, and now, we are in love. With each other and with the honey. In fact, I think the honey might have deepened our love for each other because it is SO DELICIOUS!
—Jennifer, honey customer

The honey is delicious. Our son requests it by name on his breakfast: “Hey Papa, how about some of Bob’s honey?” And when recently asked how much he likes “Bob’s honey” (known to the rest of the universe as Urban Bee Company honey), he responded, “I LIKE IT LIKE THIS!” and proceeded to bounce and dive on every surface available. ‘Nuff said.
—Aaron, Honey Customer