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When I started studying bees in 2008, my wife Amy thought it might be a passing obsession (along with World’s Fairs, the history of Denny’s restaurants, and diagramming sentences). Alas for Amy, our apartment started filling up with lots of bee boxes, wax-melting pots, and a whole assortment of tools and stainless steel contraptions. On warm days when the neighbor kids and I cranked the hand-powered extractor (something we still do), bees would knock at the screens, it smelled so good.

That was five years ago — we are still in the same apartment, now with the bee shop moved to the back room. I managed to shed two of my day jobs (only one left!), and together we are raising a new baby, I mean baybee, I mean future apprentice. Well, one can hope. Meanwhile I get to spend time in city gardens with the bees, discover community through the hive, and help plot a transformation of our food system with terrific colleagues. And those bees at the screens? They are still checking up on me, and all of us.

Thanks for being part of this journey of honey, gardens, bees, and community.

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Bob Redmond, Founder



Amy BaranskiAMY BARANSKI • Co-Founder
Amy Baranski currently works in the customer experience field in the software industry. She’s passionate about listening and driving insights and analytics into real solutions for customers. Amy is an avid instigator in cultural transformation–helping companies feel their customers’ experiences in order to do right by them. With a background in journalism and media relations telling the customer’s story is at the heart of her present work. Amy is currently focused on the small and medium-sized business segment–a personal passion for Amy as she participates in Urban Bee co and is connected with many small entrepreneurs in the Seattle area. Amy acts as a consultant with our our marketing and communication efforts, as well as general psychic wellness for the family. She is also a burgeoning beekeeper.

Melissa BaumgartMELISSA BAUMGART • Herbalist
Melissa developed Urban Bee Company’s Jojoba and Lavender Salve, making it simple, effective and versatile. She graduated from Tai Sophia Institute with a MS in Herbal Medicine in 2006. Since then Melissa has been working as an herbalist in Seattle, and more recently, has begun school to become a midwife. It has always been her passion to combine the use of herbs with women’s health and birth. She is currently studying at Bastyr University and lives in Seattle with her husband and three children.


Bob RedmondBOB REDMONDFounder
Bob Redmond started Urban Bee Company in 2009 after learning about Colony Collapse Disorder. A journeyman-level certified beekeeper, Bob serves on the Apiary Advisory Council for the national organization Certified Naturally Grown. He has also held leadership positions with the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association and the Beacon Food Forest. Outside of the bee-yard, Bob has a long history in cultural programming and community organizing in Seattle, including work at Town Hall Seattle, Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Arts Center, and KBCS 91.3 community radio.

John WoodworthJOHN WOODWORTHBeekeeper
A beekeeper since 2007, and a current board member of the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association, John Woodworth became interested in bees after taking a introductory class with his daughter at a local beekeeping supply store. Soon one hive became two, then four, then eight, then sixteen. (He is committed to keeping the number under 24!) John calls his operation Back Alley Honey — a nod to the original first hive location and his mission to provide quality natural honey to the needy. In addition to his participation with Urban Bee Company, all of the honey produced at his apiary at the Goat Hill Giving Gardens is donated to the Pike Place Senior Center. Outside beekeeping, John is a principal at a small architectural practice located downtown, specializing in affordable housing and historic preservation.