Healthy bees. Resilient communities.

Founded in 2009, Urban Bee Company cultivates healthy environments for bees and humans. We look to the hive as both inspiration and hub: for care of the earth; for dynamic art, culture, and education; and for a delicious harvest to share.

With small-scale apiaries, hyper-local honeybicycle delivery, Permaculture bee gardens and more, we are working to grow healthy bees and resilient communities in the Pacific Northwest.

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Support Farmers, Get Honey

We're in. Are you?

We’re in. Are you?

Seattle’s Urban Bee Company is offering an end-of-year special that will be a gift to grassroots farmers.

The backstory: Since 2010, Urban Bee Company has been Certified Naturally GrownThe alternative to organic, CNG certifies and promotes clean, sustainable food production without the high cost or industrial concessions of the National Organic Program.

CNG certifies 750 farms and apiaries in 47 states, including 21 in our own state of Washington. Almost all of them are small, community-driven endeavors like Urban Bee Company. Nationwide, 46% of CNG farms with produce certification sell their produce direct to customers via CSA’s. These are the true family farms many Americans envision when they think “farm.” CNG helps support and preserve these farms through certification and community building: connecting farmers with the people who want to support them, and vice versa.

And just last month, CNG started accepting non-farmers as members, which means you can join the effort.

Our offer: join Certified Naturally Grown at $30 or above before December 31, and get a 1 lb. jar of honey (value $15) for free, while supplies last! You’ll support an awesome organization and enjoy something sweet and local too. For this deal, we’ll bike-deliver (also for free!) anywhere in the city limits of Seattle. Out-of-city folks: we will send a jar of honey to you for the cost of shipping.

Join Certified Naturally Grown now and bring the clean-food movement back to its roots.

To accept, do two things:
a) go to CNG’s website and sign up

b) place your honey request to (We’ll cross reference with CNG before delivering).


  • In-Seattle customers: For bicycle delivery, you need to reside in the City of Seattle proper and your address must permit an accessible and secure drop-off point (no PO Boxes or locked buildings), for deliveries Monday — Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm.
  • Out-of-Seattle customers: you should know that we customarily do not ship honey, anytime, anywhere. So this is a big exception and chance for you to enjoy some Seattle bounty! (Remember, the honey is free but you’ll cover the cost of shipping.)
  • Offer is good until supplies run out. We have set aside 50 lbs for this promotion, which is a decent amount but also can go quickly. Will you be one of the lucky 50? Act now!
  • Delivery: within a week from your order. Thank you!
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