Healthy bees. Resilient communities.

Founded in 2009, Urban Bee Company cultivates healthy environments for bees and humans. We look to the hive as both inspiration and hub: for care of the earth; for dynamic art, culture, and education; and for a delicious harvest to share.

With small-scale apiaries, hyper-local honeybicycle delivery, Permaculture bee gardens and more, we are working to grow healthy bees and resilient communities in the Pacific Northwest.

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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

three beeks

Urban Bee Team: Travis Stoner, Dave Schiefelbein, and Bob Redmond

We’ve been quiet, but not idle. Whether it was wrapping up field surveys of wild bees, participating in the fall conferences, or building our web store (soon to launch), it was a busy end to last year. Then 2015 started incredibly fast out of the gate, with dandelions blooming in January and everything still weeks ahead of schedule even now (mid-May). We have news — lots of it — and will be sharing it soon. Look for welcomes to our new staff (teaser in the photo!), upgrades to the site, new stuff coming from our shop, news on the first honey from 2015, CSA sign-ups, news on clases, and other ways to get involved. Sign up on for our email newsletter (right hand column) to stay up to date. And thanks for cheering us along meanwhile!

— Your pals at Urban Bee Company

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